Simon Norfolk

Happy Sunday, everyone!

I hope you are all winding down from a hopefully pleasant weekend. My weekend was spent researching for a paper I have to write for my History of Photography course. In the paper, I will be examining work by Timothy O’Sullivan and Simon Norfolk while comparing how the former could have influenced the latter.

During my research, I have developed an affection for Simon Norfolk’s bold and intriguing photography.

Simon Norfolk is a currently active British landscape photographer. He is most well known for his landscapes, military depictions, and his work with technologies utilized by the military.

Below is some of my favorite selections.


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I hope you all enjoy these photos as much as I do!

As always, thanks for the read and feel free to leave me any questions or comments below!

None of these photos belong to me. I own none of the rights to any of these images. The images were derived from Artsy and Simon Norfolk’s website.

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