This week I have been adding to my sketchbook in preparation for portfolio review. Two of my favorite additions have been these little portraits I painted on old palette papers. When I paint in my free time I use a sheet of paper to put my paint on. If by the end of the painting my palette is still wet and has enough paint left, I spread out the paint to cover the whole page. I keep these papers for color inspiration and when I get the chance I paint on them.

For these two I painted the portraits in the same colors originally used for the palettes, so that the faces blend in slightly. One of the challenges I faced with these paintings was working around the texture of the paint that dried before I spread it out on the paper. I decided to expand on that texture by adding thicker paint to the face. The first painting is a self portrait and the other face is made up.

Another sketch that I recently added is a small oil pastel piece. for this one I took inspiration from the ceiling of a hotel that I saw in Quebec City this past summer. I used a similar color scheme and some of the same plant-like shapes. In this one I experimented a lot with scraping back into the surface to add little details.

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