Sketchbook tour

As the semester comes to a close I thought that a good way to end it would be to reflect on the past few months and go through my sketch book for the semester. I noticed that I used my sketch book primarily to do art therapy experientials: for both my class, internship, and my own personal use. I also made other pieces of work for myself, but since it was a busy semester I didn’t make too much art for myself. 

These two pieces were all apart of an experiential in class in which we drew on tiles and then sprayed them with water to make a print. I was a big fan of this technique so I made quite a few of them. It was something that I really enjoyed and would definitely do again.

This collage I made was all about taking risks. 

These two smaller mandalas were apart of my reflections for internship class. They showed how I felt about my two internship sites I attended during the week. While one had quite a few number of difficulties, the other one more feasible to keep up with. 

These next two are some pieces I had made on my free time. 

Overall this semester I’ve been pretty productive in my art making, I completed a whole mandala journal during the month of October,  created lots of work that I am very proud of, and I continued to grow as an artist. 

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