Sketches – Week 4

I have been experimenting with Crayola crayons this past week. Using a 12″ x 18″ pad of Newsprint, I found a new medium that I enjoy. I am satisfied with my results and will continue to work this way.


“WEATHERED” – More work with crayon on newsprint. I found this old photo of an older gentleman; weathered by time and work. I wanted to capture his age, but at the same time his expression of happiness.


“57 C1” – Part of the first generation of Corvette Stingrays, the C1 is an iconic automobile. The body lines on the car are flawless and each inch of it’s construction is pure craftsmanship. I love the older Stingrays and went with a contrasting color in the drawing to really make it pop.


“TONY” –  Tony Bennett is an icon and a legend. To still be singing in his 90s is both remarkable and admirable. The likeness is not so much there and the colors are much more abstract, but I appreciate how it came out. This drawing is the most exploratory of all of them.


“STUDY” – I have been looking at advertisements from the 40s-60s and found that the artwork is impeccable. Each advertisement is a piece of art and you can take a guess as to the hard work put into them.


“BUGLER” – I drew this Boy Scout with a bugle after thinking about my years at Scout Camp. In the morning, “Reveille” was played while raising the American Flag. During Retreat at the end of the day, “To the Colors” was played as the American flag was lowered. The air was always filled with silence and a feeling of purpose and pride was felt during the ceremonies.

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