Snowed In…

This week was ridiculous but yet boring. Nothing much happened this week besides endless snow. I ended up going home Wednesday afternoon due to my mom wanting me home before the snow storm. Thankfully all of my classes were cancelled Thursday and I have no classes Friday, therefore I had a very long weekend home. I did however had a lot of work to do, two papers, one project, one assignment, and one quiz. But as usual, I did it the last day.

The good thing about this weekend was that I went to go see John Wick: Chapter 2. I saw the last showing which meant I did not get home until 1:30 am but it was an amazing movie and I plan to see it again. The only down side to this weekend is that my hamster, Butterscotch, escaped her cage. I found her in the morning sleeping in a corner of my room while my cat, Marble, was a foot away starring at her with her big black eyes. Thankfully my cat knew better not to kill my hamster, instead she just kept an eye on her and waited til I woke up.

Next week, my art teacher from high school wants me to show my work from my art classes to her students that she has now. I am really excited to show students that are passionate about art my drawings and to give them advice when they go to college, especially if they are going into the art field. I will write about how it went in my next blog post!


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