So Long Farewell

“I thank you for your part in my journey”

I am starting off my final blog post with a quote that I think is appropriate for this post. Since this is my last blog post I thought I would reflect on how writing for Where Creativity Works has helped me through my journey as a student at Marywood University.

When Sue Jenkins, one of my professors, and the brilliant brains behind this idea for an art blog, handed out applications for student bloggers I immediately took one. I thought to myself, “okay I need to be more involved and I think this would be a great opportunity.” And looking back I am so happy that I applied for the blog.

Since I was Off Campus News as well as Jobs & Internships blogger, I was able to explore different museums and exhibitions while also learning about proper etiquette when job & internship hunting. I was able to learn how to express what I had seen through words which is something that I never considered myself good at. But this experience has helped me out greatly. I’ve learned that the best way to gain experience is to just dive into whatever you can and make the most of it!

It is sad that I won’t be blogging anymore for last year at Marywood University but I know that the next student blogger who takes my place, Brigid, will be fantastic!

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