Social Justice and Advocacy Day

On November 10th, 2021, Marywood University hosted a very special day of events called Advocacy and Social Justice Day centered around social justice and advocacy in our school community and our world as a whole. This day included many events hosted by different parts of Marywood’s community, including an open ceremony of book and poem readings in the Architecture building where a special social justice and advocacy art exhibition was also held.

All Marywood staff, faculty, and students were invited to create art around the themes of social justice and advocacy to be considered for the exhibition, and the resulting showcase was a breathtaking display of passionate works surrounding the day’s theme. The central themes for the day included immigration, diversity, and climate change as well as others included in the social justice and advocacy umbrella.

Pieces included printmaking, sculpture, paintings, and more, creating a powerful example of the Marywood community’s passion for these important issues. Thank you to all who submitted works or otherwise participated in this incredible day!

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