Social Media And Museums

Hi everyone! This week I thought I’d dive into some fantastic social media pages of museums. Many, if not all, museums have social media accounts where they talk about different exhibits, events, or things going on in the background that make up the museum. I’ve always loved these accounts because many of them provide lots of information, but more importantly they get you thinking about and exploring art. They make you want to learn more, or explore a new exhibit on their website, or if possible they spark the interest to visit the museum in person. While Covid still lingers, these accounts are great for exploring museums from home and act as the first step for diving deeper into art and art history. While I follow many of these accounts, I thought I’d explore a few of my favorites and encourage you to dive deep into all that they offer.

One of my favorites is the Van Gogh Museum Instagram. If you’re interested in Vincent Van Gogh or want to just explore a bit, this account is great to do so. They go beyond just talking about different artworks. They post about various works by Van Gogh including personal information about the artist when he made it, various responses from workers who reflect on the pieces, and quotes from his letters. I’ve always loved how much additional information they include with their posts because it provides areas where you can learn more. They also include behind the scenes information such as how they photograph works, move art, and how they’ve changed during the pandemic. There’s so much to learn and explore on their page, it feels like you are there walking through the museum.

Another favorite is The Metropolitan Museum of Art Instagram. I love this account because it’s so interactive. They frequently post silent tours where they explore different galleries, which makes you feel like you are walking right through the museum. They also will occasionally do trivia about art in their stories. Another thing I love is that they have something called #MetSketch where they will post drawings done by visitors, many times of different pieces of art or locations in the museum. They obviously post lots about different artworks in their collections too and they’ll add great little details behind the pieces. I just love how connected it is and how it creates a community of people who love art and art history.

The last one I love and will explore is the Vatican Museum Instagram. They post about some really fantastic artworks, but my favorite thing they do is called #SistineUnseen. I’ve always loved and been really interested in Michelangelo and his paintings in the Sistine Chapel. With #SistineUnseen they explore these paintings really close. There are so many figures going on in his paintings so this is such a great opportunity to get close and zoom in on them while learning more about the figures. You have the opportunity to see more of the details that you might not even be able to see in person and hear about the story behind a particular scene.

I totally recommend checking these accounts out and maybe even finding a new one to explore. Have a great week!

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