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For my internship a lot of the work I am doing is advertising for events. That culminates to making posters and social media posts to get the message out. Previously, and in most cases I see, people are fine with just uploading the poster to the social media. But I wanted to make things that actually fit the platform.

I have been making most of my posts and story posts on Adobe Spark. It is really easy to use from my phone, it still lets me have specific adjustments, while having a really simple user interface.

Though when I make multi page posts where you need to scroll to see the whole thing, I go right to Photoshop. Like I’ve said before, I have a ton of experience in Photoshop and it is very easy for me to use.

One multi page post I was really happy with was one for Fair Trade, a fundraiser run by Campus Ministry that benefits mission trips. I initially started with the poster, then condensed and translated it to a horizontal panorama that is easier to read on instagram.

Fair trade poster

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