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Recently I was on the search for other artists and their artworks through various social media outlets for inspiration. The main two sites I used were Instagram and Pinterest. One account that sparked my interest was Dina Brodsky. What made me interested in her art is her miniature, realistic, nature themed oil paintings. The detail she is capable of achieving in her small paintings are wonderful. From seeing one of her paintings I knew I wanted to try some miniature paintings for myself. Luckily, this semester at Marywood I am taking Painting I so I will have some oil paints to spare for some side projects of my own. I have already bought a few small square canvases, I just need my paints and a location to be inspired by!

Below are a few example of Dina Brodsky’s paintings on her Instagram account, @dinabrodsky, that I am inspired by. For her paintings she is paintings realistic nature scenes and I am hoping to find some inspiration on and off campus when I return.

Featured Image courtesy of Google

Images courtesy of Dina Brodsky’s instagram

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