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More murals have been popping up throughout scranton and NEPA area thanks to the groups of artists who are on a mission to brighten up the city and revive the art community. Over the last year I’ve had the chance of working with some of these groups and helped contribute a few hours of time on some local murals. I’m becoming more interested in working on a larger scale and was searching for some possible opportunities. I then came across a Facebook page titled Street Art Society NEPA.

It looks like the page is a group of local artists who have come together to add color and beauty to our area and they are looking for some support. They’re message to the community is stated below:

“Dear residents of NEPA,

Let’s improve the aesthetics, economic opportunities, and collective psychological well-being of our local area.

Murals have transformative power over a community. Add a couple of murals downtown and suddenly an area that looked drab and desolate is alive with color. Sections of town with mural art become more inviting because they appear to be inhabited by creative spirits, and forward-thinking individuals who dare to make their visions a reality, -or at least paint them on a wall. People feel better about where they live when they are confronted by beautiful, uplifting works of art on a daily basis.

The Street Art Society was formed by a small group people from NEPA who believe that Art is the answer to the world’s problems, or at least a good place to start.

Our goal is to tap into community talent and expand the cultural offerings in our area to make NEPA the kind of place residents are eager to live and visitors are eager to visit. We are linking artists, grant money, and area businesses in order to make this a reality.

Please like our page and help us spread the word on social media. Our goal is 500 likes by the end of this month. Please share and help us get there.”

Help support this group by following their page and possibly becoming a part of something bigger. I haven’t contacted the group personally yet but I’m sure they are looking for help or have connections on how to give back to the community via art.

Seeing your own artwork or contributions of your talent on a large scale is always a valuable experience but being able to witness its effects on the people around you as they appreciate your art is both artistically fulfilling and personally rewarding.

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