Something New!

A few weeks ago I wrote about my Marcel Duchamp inspired painting. Since then I had the opportunity to work on this piece again and as I mentioned in that post, I knew I wanted to add additional elements and focus in on the previous painted chair. I decided to incorporate the use of sewing and embroidery. It has been quite some time since I last used these skills and I think this painting was the perfect opportunity for more practice!Stoppage Painting

I wanted to kept the idea of using found objects just as Marcel Duchamp did with his work. I had a bunch of different beads lying around that I incorporated into the painting. Not every bead is the same throughout the painting but I think that is what makes the painting unique and different. I could be wrong but I think what I have going right now is working. I feel confident with my choices. I am nowhere near finished but I am enjoying this something new!

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