Something New

I will admit during the summer I don’t do art nearly as much as I do during the course of the school year, but this summer I made the decision to write a list a projects I want to accomplish before the beginning of the fall semester.  I bought a booklet of water color paper and a palette of watercolor to try something new! I never really did much watercolor painting except for in high school, but I have learned to appreciate it more since college. I love the look of watercolor and an ink drawing over top of it. There are many different techniques IMG_7733.jpgthat I never knew about when working with watercolor that I have recently learned from Pinterest and other different websites. For instance, if you use salt on wet watercolor, the color will absorb into the salt and leave tiny little puddles of color to make a bubbly pattern. If you use rubbing alcohol, it does the opposite effect. The rubbing alcohol makes the watercolor disperse away from the alcohoimgres.jpgl and makes big rings of concentrated color. It can make the neatest effects for backgrounds of paintimgres-1.jpgings or even by itself. The painting on the left is an example of salt and watercolor, and the painting on the right is an example of water color and rubbing alcohol. Both techniques give beautiful effects! Both techniques are very simple and I would encourage anyone to try them even it is just for fun. Even people who don’t think they are artistic can easily make these types of beautiful paintings!

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