Spotlight: Desiree’ Rodriguez Littleford

Hello everyone! I am the new student spotlight blogger, Georisell (pronounced ‘Jurycell’ or ‘Jury’ for short). This week, as my first post, I will be talking to Desiree’! She is a cheerful Graphic Design major who has dipped her hands into all sorts of art!

Meet Desiree’

Head shot of Desiree'

Name: Desiree’ Rodriguez Littleford, Class of 2019

Major: Graphic Design

Minor: Art History

I am majoring in Art because:
I want to become a creative Graphic Designer so that I work for a company geared towards the interest of children, such as Lisa Frank, Mattel or Hasbro. I would love to produce fun and playful advertisements for any of these brand names. However it would be my dream to start my own label.

The kinds of things that inspire me are:
First of all like most artist I am led by my emotions. I have been known to design something very powerful at the most challenging times throughout my life. My passion is my love for culture. At my former community college, Northampton Community College, my multicultural design was chosen to be printed by Body T’s in Allentown P.A. It was used as a logo for The International Student Organization Banquet in 2015. With that design I used 150 flags to create beautiful garments for a lady and gentleman. With that piece you notice my intrigue for patterns.

I see differently through the lens of a camera. Where most photographers choose to take pictures of what is before them I imagine what my photos can be in the eye of the viewer. For example, I love taking shots of treats of all kinds. The vibrant colors speak to me. This year while at a fair I took a photo of my cotton candy because I saw a cloud as I held it up to the sky. I was so excited when a well known candy vendor, Spunsugar Organic Cotton Candy located in Detroit, Michigan liked my picture on Instagram. Or the time I photographed a flower at The Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. It was published in the NCC Iconic Book. With that photo I zoomed up on the seedlings of the center. A tiny fairy world was before me.

My favorite class so far was… I love all my graphic design classes in which I get to explore Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. It helps me grow as graphic designer and better my skills.

When I’m not in class… I belong to multiple clubs, such as the newly named Global Unity Club, the graphic design club called CYMKlub, as well The Marywood Community Committee Club, MCC. This semester I was elected Co-President of The Global Unity for the international students attending Marywood. I love celebrating cultures from around the world. I also have a graphic design job working for Marywood University and was granted the opportunity to tutor the Marywood Freshman Graphic Design class for Professor Sue Jenkins. It is an honor. In my free time I enjoy traveling and taking freelance photos. Baking is my stress release. It is also fun to share pictures of my desserts on my Facebook.

The coolest thing I’ve done so far was… I had the privilege of selling my art at the gallery exhibit at The Keys Restaurant in Scranton, PA during First Friday Scranton last year. While on vacation I shot pics of the pumpkin juice graffiti on the wall on Diagon Alley in Orlando Florida. A buyer appreciated my love of the font in that picture

When I graduate…  I will be looking for a position in advertisement design working for a corporate company, such as working for Lisa Frank, Mattel, Hasbro, Hallmark, Fisher Price, Crayola, or Dylan’s Candy Bar. I also enjoy fashion advertising and would appreciate the opportunity to work for Seventeen Magazine.

I’d recommend the Art program at Marywood because: Not only do the professors educate you they also provide job opportunities. The professors provide guidance that will improve your designs. I feel they really care about the success of their students.

Here is some of Desiree’s work!


Hope you all liked getting to know Desiree’ as much as I did! Thanks for your time Desiree’! Until next week, keep on creating!

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