Spring Break in Venice

This week I’ll be talking about my recent Study Abroad spring break trip to Venice, Italy! It was filled with art, beautiful scenery, and some amazing food! It was also my first time abroad, and it was an amazing experience.

IMG_3834The culture shock and jet lag hit me on the bus ride to the hotel. Everything looked and felt different, especially when we stopped at a truck stop to get some lunch. It was the first time I had to pay using euros and had to practice the very little Italian I knew on the cashier. It didn’t go very well, as I choked up last minute and spoke all English to her, and felt bad afterwards. Most of my other speaking experiences went well , and I got better as the days went on.

Another culture shock that happened was I was in the same city as some amazing art that I had been learning about in Art History classes my entire college career. I saw beautiful Venetian art in beautiful churches, but my all time favorite art was the modern art in the Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice. The first piece of art that caught my eye was a single Piet Mondrian. I have never seen any of his work in person, so it was an amazing thing to see. There was also a whole room of Jackson Pollock artwork, and I also saw some of Salvador Dali’s artwork which was a cherry on top. The whole trip I loved being immersed in the culture and artwork that Italy had to offer.


After coming back from the trip, we had to create a piece of artwork inspired by Italy. I decided to create an Enos print showing off some of the most common architecture I saw in Italy. I also decided to put in a cat because I saw a lot of cats wandering around Venice and that’s one of the things that stuck with me from my trip. This project started off with some sketches, and then carving the picture into linoleum. Then I had to make around 25 prints on all different types of paper with all different colored inks so I could have lots of colors to choose from. I was really happy with how it turned out, and it along with other amazing student artwork, was displayed at First Friday Scranton in early May.


An almost finished picture of my Enos print project.

If you ever get the chance to study abroad, I say take it! The experience is very worth it and very rewarding.

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