Staying Creative

Now that summer is here, I’ve found myself wondering what it is I can do to keep my creative juices flowing. Since I plan on minoring in Photography next year, I will be taking lots of pictures this summer.

In high school we had “one word” photography projects that were anything from “feet” to “landscape”. This allowed me to have creative freedom and to come up with something original. I want to do that same exact thing this summer except I won’t be graded on it.

Every day I plan on giving myself a random word then going and to take a picture of it. No matter how busy my day gets I will manage to take a photo. This will help to keep thinking creatively.

Who knows; I might learn something about myself that I could apply to my art to grow as an artist. I could meet new people and try different photograph techniques and use it to my advantage.

Photo by Brad Neathery on Unsplash

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