Sticker Milestones!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve last talked about my progress with my sticker making, and I just reached a huge milestone that I am very proud of and just had to share! I haven’t had a chance lately to make too many new stickers for my Redbubble page, but that hasn’t affected my sales one bit. I actually just sold my 200th sticker (!!!), and I’ve had a major increase of sales since I started my account in April. This month I’ve doubled my sales from last month, and I’ve come to expect around 2-5 sales a day which is such a fantastic feeling.

I’m not even just getting sticker sales anymore! With Redbubble, stickers are usually the go-to but people can also buy items such as clothing, pillows, phone cases, clocks, and even tapestries. Earlier this month someone in Australia bought a phone case with my design on it which was so cool to hear! Right now my Baja Blast drink design is my best seller, followed by my field hockey stick designs and my first design: my sunshine sticker!

I’m looking forward to creating even more designs for my account, and it feels so good as a beginner graphic designer that people are already starting to like my work. Who knows what my sticker sales will look like a year from now!

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