Story Telling

Hello everyone! I hope you are staying safe. This week I’m going to share the second project that my advertising and illustration photography professor assigned. This project is a story telling photograph.

I knew what I was going to photograph for this project as soon as I read the assignment. My first thought after reading the project prompt was what was going on in the world today. Many families across the world are being affected by quarantine, mine included. My grandpa isolated himself from the rest of our family because he has health issues and didn’t want to chance coming in contact with the virus.

My idea for the project was one of my family members standing on one side of my front door with a sign, while I was on the other side with a camera. I went through all the family members living in my house and I chose to photograph my mom.

I handed her a piece of paper and told her to write a saying on it that she would want to show my grandpa through his door or window while in quarentine. I didn’t look at her sign until I took the photograph. Here is the outcome of the photograph.

That’s all for this week! Stay safe! Stay Healthy!

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