Street Lights

Street photography was not my favorite thing when I first started classes at Marywood; I preferred nature or landscape photography. Lori Brunetti, my Basic Black and White class professor, challenged me to try something different, so I tried some street photography. My first few rolls were not the greatest shots. Luckily we have some great professors at Marywood; they are really there to help you. Through one-on-one help and group critiques I learned what works and what doesn’t work. I learned that street photography is more than just snapping a few pictures out on the street. As I wrote in one of my other blogs, Sniffing Out the Light, there is so much more that goes into street photography. From studying other great photographers such as Gary Winogrand, Eugene Smith, and Robert Frank, I have learned that pictures need to say something. Sometimes I am successful and sometimes, well, I am less than successful. But I am learning that I like to have a series of photographs or photographs that compliment each other.

final7The Wheelchair series

Two girls at the Courthouse square

See you next week!

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