Student Spotlight: Abigail Wilson

Introducing Abby!

This is Abby! Abby is a joy to be around. I had the privilege of having a few classes with her this year, and always loved her art. Continue reading to learn about Abby, our last Student Spotlight for the Spring 2023 semester!

Name: Abigail Wilson

Major: Illustration

Minor: Art History

Graduation Year: 2026

I am majoring in Art because… 

I don’t know of any other field I’d love to be in more than art. I like a great many things, like history, music, and literature, but they do not rise to the level of love I hold for art.

“Imagery is intensely powerful and can get to the heart of a person faster and truer, I believe, than any other medium.”

The kinds of things that inspire me are…

I’m inspired by story telling that focuses on human connection. Artworks that focus on showing the personality of people and how they interact with each other and the viewer are the biggest things to inspire me. Technical skill can be very impressive but it is nothing without heart. 

My favorite art class so far was… 

It’s a hard decision to make but it’s either Basic Drawing or Digital Design. Basic Drawing pushed my technical skills and how I can imbue personality into something like a still-life or portrait. Digital Design pushed my creativity into a medium that I was unfamiliar with. 

When I am not in class… 

I’m most likely working on class work, in all honesty. But in my true off time, I enjoy reading or going to the movies. I’m also currently working on a mural at Scranton High School for my former German teacher. 

The coolest thing I have done at Marywood so far was…

I went to Italy during spring break with members of the faculty. To see the artworks of which you have been taught about your entire life in person was a truly out of body experience. Going out of my home country to experience a different culture for the first time was immensely impactful and I hope to return and experience it all again. 

When I graduate…

I wish to work in the graphic novel industry and publishing. I’d like to help authors bring their creation to life and eventually move on to make my own stories. I would also like to teach once I’ve gained enough experience because I want to share what knowledge I’ve gathered with fellow learners like myself. 

I would recommend the Art program at Marywood because…

The faculty at Marywood are truly kind in my experience and just wish to help you become your best in the art you wish to create. People tend to limit themselves in what they think they are capable of. The art faculty at Marywood have pushed me and my creativity of what I originally believed myself incapable. 

What excites me most about Art is…

Its complexity of meaning. Art can be just about the image in front of it and be complex in itself. You can also get into the context surrounding the art work, like historical events or the life of the artist that shaped the work. This complexity of meaning allows for you to appreciate art fully and helps you understand the world in which you live: past, present, and future. 

Thank you for reading about Abby! Her work truly inspires me, and I can’t wait to continue through school with her and see more of her work. Thank you for reading my Student Spotlights this semester. I have some fun blog ideas for the summer, so I hope to see some of you guys soon!

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