Student Spotlight: Ashley Siele

Meet Ashley!

Name: Ashley Siele

Year you’ll be graduating: Class of 2024

Major: Art Therapy

Minor(s): Art History

I am majoring in Art because I enjoy art so much. It is a fun pastime that just brings me so much joy. Art is also a great way to help me deal with my anxiety and my feelings especially this past year. It is a way for me to escape from things and helps calm me down. 

The kinds of things that inspire me are colors. I love colorful pieces and trying to figure out which colors work best together. I also take inspiration from the most random things. I will see something and want to try to take an idea from it and transform it in a piece. I also find inspiration in the dogs in my life. I love drawing the dogs in my family. 

My favorite class so far was art history. It is so interesting to analyze the art from hundreds of years ago and the different styles from different time periods and cultures. 

When I’m not in class I am  working on art, whether it is for class or just a side project that I am working on. If I’m not doing art I’m either doing school work or knitting while watching a show on my laptop. 

The coolest thing I’ve done so far at Marywood was a virtual paint and sip. It was honestly so relaxing to take a break from all my work and take some time painting.  

When I graduate I hope to get into the art therapy field and help others using art. I have turned to art so many times and I just want to help others with the thing I love most. 

I’d recommend the Art program at Marywood because it is a way to explore different art styles and forms that you probably would never try. In my painting class for the first few weeks I worked in abstract art and I fell in love with it. 

The best spot to be on campus is the grassy area in between Insalaco and the Learning Commons. I have no clue if it has a name. When it is nice out I enjoy sitting there in the fresh air and getting work done.

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