Student Spotlight: Emily Hare

Name: Emily HareIMG_4103-2sm.jpg

Major: Illustration

Minor: Graphic design

Graduation year: 2021

Why are you majoring in art? First and foremost, I really love all forms of art, including photography, drawing, painting, sculpture, and many more, and always have since I was little. It’s something that I love now, and hope to surround myself with it for the rest of my life! Being an art major is a fantastic experience considering all of the new things you get to learn with every new class that you take. This is something that has really inspired my own work. Throughout my life, I have been encouraged greatly by my family, art teachers, and peers and that positivity towards my artwork has made me more confident in my work and inspired me to become an art major. I hope to continue this learning experience into the future as I major in Illustration at Marywood.

What Inspires you? Something that inspires me and my artwork is nature, but I also find inspiration in other people’s artwork as well! Seeing other people’s ideas and finished artworks always help the gears get turning when I begin a new project.


What’s been the coolest thing you’ve done at Marywood? I think the coolest thing that I’ve been able to do at Marywood was during the 3D class that I took during my first semester. I really struggle when it comes to three-dimensional art, so the class was a bit difficult for me starting out. As the semester progressed it became easier for me as we started working with different mediums. For the last few projects that we did, we worked with wood and used these huge wood-working machines which were super intimidating to someone that hasn’t used them before. In the end, I actually had a lot of fun using the equipment and being able to create something like nothing else I had before, and I thought that was super neat!

Would you recommend the art program? Yes, I would definitely recommend the art program at Marywood! There is a great atmosphere in our art department that really inspires me to do my best work. The professors and kind and helpful, and I’ve learned so much from the few semesters that I’ve been in the program!


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