Student Spotlight: Emma Lengyel

Hello again! This week we have senior Art Therapy major Emma Lengyel. Emma recently won the Women’s Studies Writing and Creative Work award here at Marywood! She enjoys “basement” art and creates pins she sells to support Planned Parenthood.

Meet Emma17757127_10154462888141220_483410021038259754_n

Name: Emma Lengyel, Class of 2017

Major: Art Therapy

I am majoring in Art because: art is my greatest passion and pastime, and I believe in its usefulness as a tool for healing.

The kinds of things that inspire me are: experimenting with different materials, such as reclaimed items, elements from nature, food, dryer lint, etc…. I’m drawn to strange, old, dusty basement kind of art. My depression and anxiety also often influence my work.

My favorite class so far was:  Women in Art History. I have a habit of falling in love with whatever studio class I’m taking at the moment, but being able to discover so many talented female artists that simply don’t get talked about anywhere else has really impacted my perception of the art world and how I fit in it.

When I’m not in class: you can usually find me napping, bargain hunting, or sitting on the couch with the cat, listening to podcasts while doodling or crafting up some little something.

The coolest thing I’ve done so far was:  attend the Women’s March on Washington- it was an unforgettable, truly moving experience that also inspired me to start making little vagina pins, which I exchange for donations to Planned Parenthood. I’ve raised about $100 so far, and it’s been my most rewarding artistic endeavor.

When I graduate: I hope to continue to advocate for women and other marginalized groups through art. I would like to find/create a job that that supports my passions for both art and helping others, especially those with mental illness. I would also appreciate a long vacation.

I’d recommend the Art program at Marywood because: they offer a large and growing selection of art electives, so you can find a class in just about anything you’d like to try. The small classes allow for more attention and assistance from professors. All of my professors have been enthusiastic about teaching and have gone out of their way to ensure their students success. Between staff and other students, I’ve had a very supportive and worthwhile experience in the Marywood Art program.

Some of Emma’s Work:

Thank you for sharing your work with us, Emma!

Until next time!


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