Student Spotlight: Francesca Giuliani

Hi Hi! This week’s student spotlight is Francesca Giuliani. Fran is an Art Therapy major who has many talents which she showcases through her artwork. She takes her passion for art to a new level while experimenting with different media like embroidery, ceramics, and paints.

MEET FRANCESCA:student, photo

Name: Francesca Giuliani, Class of 2019

Major: Art Therapy

Minor: (Considering Declaring) Painting & Art History

I am majoring in Art because
I was told that in choosing a major or profession I should choose something I love and that would be art. I also love helping people so when I found out Art Therapy was a thing, a profession, I decided it was perfect for me.

The kinds of things that inspire me are nature as a whole, music, emotions, and simply the people around me. Nature is just so fascinating and intricate that I want to paint it, express it on paper. I normally listen to music when I do art and sometimes a line from a song sticks out to me or the imagery conveyed in a song and I end up wanting to do a piece based of that or conveying that message also. When I’m with my friends sometimes they’ll make a weird face or pose and I’ll notice and realize want to paint something like that; they inspire me.

My favorite class so far was probably basic ceramics because I had never done ceramics before so it was a challenge but also an awesome experience learning something new. Ceramics is now the art form that I do for fun and for relaxation, where other art forms I do to convey a certain image or message. I’m not very good at ceramics so it’s allowed to be my hobby, something to do just for myself.

When I’m not in class I’m hanging out with my friends or sleeping.

The coolest thing I’ve done so far was go to Belize on a mission trip.

When I graduate I want to work doing art therapy with teenagers in a mental hospital or wounded warriors. I’m from Maryland so maybe I’ll go back there and work in DC or Baltimore… Who knows?

I’d recommend the Art program at Marywood because you’re given the opportunity to still do your own style or use the techniques you learned but yet you get taught so much more; the art professors help to build on top of what you already know.


Thank you Fran for being this week’s student spotlight and sharing your amazing work with us. I love how you said you are inspired by the people around you and how fitting that is for an art therapy major!



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