Student Spotlight: Gradon Silva

Meet Gradon!

Name: Gradon Silva

Year you’ll be graduating: 2024

Major: Interior Architecture

The kinds of things that inspire me are immense. There are a lot of different things that inspire my creative flow. I have always had a lot to say, and I feel that art of any form is a good way to express thoughts and emotions. 

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My favorite class so far was Foundation Studio. I think that the ability to work closely with your classmates, as well as get critiques and advice from upperclassmen/faculty members is a very good experience and can also open up your mind to think in different ways.

When I’m not in class you will usually see me walking around campus listening to music. I feel very strongly that getting outside in the fresh air can be very relaxing and good for mental health.

I’d recommend the Art program at Marywood because even though I am not a Fine Arts Major, I will strongly be recommending the Architecture/Interior Architecture program to anyone who asks me about it. The teachers who I have met so far have been nothing less than supportive and eager to see their students grow. I feel at home within the program even though I am only in my second semester, which speaks volumes in my opinion.

The best spot to be on campus is the Architecture Building. I think that it is unique in that it used to be the university’s old gymnasium. The ability to take something old, and make it into something new and improved is an aspect of architecture as a whole that is very important to me.

When I graduate I plan on moving into a more urban environment. Although I am grateful for the nature that I have grown up around, I have always been a city boy at heart. I think that it is fascinating how diverse and rich with culture cities tend to be. 

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