Student Spotlight: Jenna Edmonds

Hello, and welcome back! This week we are taking a gander at Jenna Edmond’s art work. Jenna motivates me personally as a friend and shows me daily that inspiration comes in so many forms. Jenna Edmonds

Meet Jenna

Name: Jenna Edmonds, Class of 2018

Major: Art Therapy

Minors: Painting, Art History, Psychology

I’m majoring in art because visual art has been a part of my life since elementary school. It became my thing. Whenever anyone asked what I liked, or what my hobbies were, or what I was good at, the answer was usually “art.” Something inside of me clicked when creating. Later, I found an interest in understanding people and psychology. I was pointed in the direction of art therapy in high school and, again, I felt it click. Something I had loved for so long being used to help people is something I could only dream of. The kinds of things that inspire me are . . . Anything. Today? A big droplet of water dropped on my windshield in the car and made a nice splattered shape and I saw a moth sitting on my stairs when I came home from work. I make little notes like these in my head and they all just come out later.

My favorite class so far was Painting III. In this level of painting, a studio space is provided. Having a space to create became really important to me. There’s a sort of clarity you can’t get when paintings are done on the dining room table with sheets of news paper put down because your mom would kill you if she came to visit and noticed the oil paint stain.

When I’m not in class  I’m doing the various things thrown my way as a student leader, as a student, as a part-time employee, as an artist, and as a friend. I don’t have a scheduled day-to- day life.

The coolest thing I’ve done so far was spend 5 weeks in Florence, Italy as part of Study Abroad. Enough said.

When I graduate I’ll be continuing my education at Marywood by earning my Master’s in art therapy.

I’d recommend the art program at Marywood because there’s an unmatched level of care in this community and that applies to the art department. Your professors and peers are honestly interested in you and your and your artistic progress. Creativity sparks everywhere on Marywood’s campus.

Tell me about what you’re working on currently. I’m in a period of pure exploration. I’ve stopped using stretched canvases and I’m painting on un-primed canvas material and paper mostly. I’m moving in a more abstract direction, which is something I never thought I would do. It feels comfortable. I’m also working with different media in pieces. I’ve really enjoyed stitching with embroidery floss and thread, markers, and charcoal. I think my recent pieces have captured a new depth of something I can’t put into words yet. They aren’t necessarily works of art that should be hung in a gallery, but they’re very meaningful and I feel more accomplished.

Jenna’s Work:

Thank you Jenna for being a part of Student Spotlight and allowing me everyday to watch your creative process and your talents grow. Check out Jenna’s Instagram and the next time you see her make sure you ask about her cat (I heard it doesn’t have a tail). I hope you all enjoyed looking at Jenna’s work as much as I do and until next time pet a dog, call your mom and stay inspired.


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