Student Spotlight: Joey Kovach


Joey Kovach is a Sophomore Art Therapy student here at Marywood University! I decided to interview him since I know him personally and love his creative style! Let’s get to know Joey!

Name: Joey Kovach

Year of Graduation: Class of 2024

Major: Art Therapy

Minor(s): N/A

I am majoring in Art because… it’s something I want to pursue in my career. I have tried other majors and they did not work out. I want to help other people heal through the arts and I cannot see myself doing anything else.

The kinds of things that inspire me are… things in nature because I think nature is so beautiful. I feel like nature is the basis of beauty and good in the world, it is so important. I also love all the colors that just naturally occur in nature, I find that all really amazing. Another thing that inspires me are the people I surround myself with. I feel like I grow with the people I am surrounded by and I want to see them grow as well, we feed off of each other’s energy.

My favorite art class so far was… probably 3D Design since I had never worked with 3D art before. It was fun and exciting to learn new skills and I found the class extremely enjoyable. Our professor gave us a lot of creative freedom with the prompts he gave us. I also feel like I was able to explore a lot of interesting concepts with the projects that I did in class.

When I am not in class… I am probably hanging out with my friends and listening to music, specifically R&B, alternative, and rap. I like how soulful R&B is and the way it makes me feel. I also love hanging out with my friends because they are fun to be around and there is never a dull moment.

The coolest thing I have done at Marywood so far was… probably goat yoga. The goats were adorable and it was very calming at the same time. My favorite goat was that one wearing a dress, it was so cute. I have gone to the goat yoga in both my freshman and sophomore year. I love this event and would recommend it to everyone.

When I graduate… I want to work with immigrants or people who use English as a second language and help them either find or embrace their identity. I want to help reassure people and let them know that it is okay to be themselves and to know they should not have to conform to society.

I would recommend the Art program at Marywood because… all of the professors are extremely helpful. The art program puts you into an environment that is very collaborative and engaging. I like the fact that it is a smaller community so you get to have deeper connections with your professors instead of just being another student.

What excites me the most about Art is… the fact that it is always changing and will never be the same at any moment in time. I also like the fact that you can express anything you want through art. I also use art as a creative outlet which I think is extremely cool because of my major.

Who is your favorite artist and why? Do they inspire you? I love Yayoi Kusama because she creates these super immersive art experiences that do not shy away from her own mental illness, schizophrenia. As a little girl she was drawing dots on the floor and she envisioned dots moving all around the room, so she painted the whole room and her mother got mad at her but this is what she was inspired by. I feel like artists try to only make art beautiful but she tries to make art beautiful while also capturing the day to day issues she faces. I think the way she creates is so revolutionary and I wish I could have an ounce of the creativity she has in her brain because I think that it is amazing to see her work, so yes she inspires me. Visit her website here to see her stuff!

Thank you guys for reading! I hope you liked getting to know Joey! Stay tuned for our next student spotlight blog coming out in two weeks! Till next time!


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