Student Spotlight: Jordan Butkus

Full Name: Jordan Butkus35CFB515-1639-4517-8151-AB6E2F9E6DD2

Major: Art therapy

Minor: Art History

Graduation Year: 2021

Why are you majoring in art? I’m majoring in art because that’s what I’m passionate about! I want to be able to go to work every day doing something that I love. Also, it’s something you that I’m good at and I have many different routes I can explore. I don’t have to be locked down and do one thing.

What inspires you? I have many inspirations, but what really inspires my artwork is music. I’m not one to typically plan what I draw before I draw it, so I listen to music and I just get tons of ideas from it! I’m also really inspired by my friends. They give me ideas and topics to draw all the time, and sometimes I just draw something for them because it’s nice. I also love cryptic things such as ghost and monsters; they help inspire the more scary and unsettling drawings that I have.

What has been your favorite class so far? My favorite class by far has to be Art History with Dr. Irwin! She is a fantastic teacher that engages the class and really knows the history behind the artworks she talks about. She’s also just a very helpful and understanding teacher. Art History (1&2)  was something I looked forward too because I also am a huge history buff and I love learning new things that are relevant to art.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done at Marywood? The coolest thing I’ve done at Marywood? Well, the coolest thing I’ve done would have been discovering that there was just a huge beautiful cemetery through the woods next to the school called Forest Hills.

What will you do when you graduate? I would love to be able to get a job as an art therapist, learn the ropes and such, before setting out and opening my own practice. Maybe save enough money and get an apartment and a small dog to fit in said apartment. [Editor’s note: The undergraduate degree in art therapy is a pre-professional program that includes a combination of studio art courses and behavioral and social science courses to fully prepare the student for graduate study in art therapy. Master’s level art therapy training then focuses on preparing students for professional practice.]

Would you recommend the art program? Yes! The art program is taught by some fantastic people and I’ve really learned a lot! While Marywood does a great job of combining art training with a liberal arts education to help us develop our creative voices. The teachers are very helpful and friendly, and overall I’ve had a very positive experience!



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