Student Spotlight: Joseph Fazio

Hi again! This week we have graphic design major, Joseph Fazio. Joe enjoys creating logos for companies and takes inspiration from his surroundings.

Meet Joe

Name: Joseph Fazio, Class of 2020profile

Major: Graphic Design

I am majoring in Art because: Art is something that I enjoy doing and was supported by my family and friends. I learned about the graphic design major while is high school and took a class where I learned the basics of design and enjoyed creating logo designs for made up companies and other designs in the class so I thought why not apply the ideas to a real life career and make a living out of it so I decided go and earn a degree in graphic design.

The kinds of things that inspire me are: my surroundings, friends, family, and other artist. Pretty much anything could end up inspiring me just depends on the mood that I am in, the time, place; there is always something there that could provoke an idea to make me want to compose something or doodle something up.

My favorite class so far was: my 3D class this semester due to the fact that it is a very hands on course and there is never a boring time in class, something is always going on. And the projects that are assigned are usually open ended, so it allows for me to be more creative and choose what I want to make rather than follow specific guide lines. Also I have friends in the class so that helps make it more enjoyable.

When I’m not in class: I am either home working on projects and other school work or playing with my dogs or video games, helping my mother out at my family’s restaurant, out and about with friends, or I am at work.

The coolest thing I’ve done so far was: was in my 3D class this semester, we had to build an object out of tooth picks and hot glue that would hold an egg and perform a drop test. The objective wasn’t to protect the egg, but instead just build an interesting design that would hold it. I decided to build the red baron plane out of tooth picks and I think it turned out better than I expected.

When I graduate: I hope to get a job in the field of graphic design or something similar to continue what I enjoy doing.

I’d recommend the Art program at Marywood because: The program itself as a whole is a great program and the professors are all looking to help one build on the skills that they already know and introduce new ones to the arsenal. The professors are looking to work with their students to understand how each of them learn to help them further achieve their goal, and at the same time, the program is not that stressful most of the time, it has it’s ups and down but that’s normal. Overall it’s an enjoyable experience and I feel I’ve improved in my composition and understanding.

Some of Joe’s Work

Thank you for sharing your work, Joe!

Until next time!


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