Student Spotlight: Joshua Mann

Hey and welcome back to my blog! This week we are looking at Josh’s photography. Josh is a photo major who I currently am taking ceramics with. As a third year ceramicist being mixed into the basic ceramics class that Josh is in, it is great to see someone take on another art form so readily! It is clear that Josh is very well rounded in the art field just by watching him in class and learning more about him through these questions.



Joshua Mann

Name: Joshua Mann, Class of 2018

Major: Photography

Why are you majoring in art?
The simple answer to why I decided to major in art is because I’m passionate about creating things. I chose photography specifically because I find it fascinating that it is a form of art directly derived from real life.

What are the kind of things that inspire you?
I find inspiration most often in music and photographs. Like I’m sure most artists do I often find inspiration in normal, everyday things, but I find the things that inspire me to create the most are good songs and interesting photos.

What has been your favorite class so far?
My favorite class so far would either be History of Photography II or Advanced Black and White photography. History because the class covered the early and mid-20th Century, which I consider to be the most interesting time for photography. I left that class with a massive desire to go shoot every time and having a consistent source of inspiration like that was really nice considering the fact that inspiration to work isn’t always easy to find. If not that class I’d say Advanced because the class revolved so much around truly understanding how to make a photo. We spent the whole semester using large format 4×5 view cameras (that had to be fixed on a tripod) that required an almost entirely different approach to shooting than I was used to at the time.

What can we catch you doing while you’re not in class?
When I’m not in class I’m usually playing guitar, drums, or shooting. If not that then I’m at work at The Everhart Museum.

What is the coolest thing you’ve done so far at Marywood?
The coolest thing I’ve done so far at school has probably been learning how to shoot and process sheet film as well as utilizing the zone system. As a process it relies on the same concepts as 35mm film but it requires more attentiveness and understanding of the medium and it really wasn’t easy at first so it was definitely satisfying once I finally grasped it.

What are your plans for after graduation?
When I graduate I plan on taking a year off before pursuing an MFA in photography, and after that I hope to find work in the art field.

Why would you recommend the art program here at Marywood?
I’d recommend the art program at Marywood because over my four years here I’ve always felt like the instructors I’ve had have been genuinely concerned with my success and the success of my co-students, and I feel as if that’s a critical part of an education in art.

Some of Joshua’s Work:

Thank you Joshua for being a part of my blog and for allowing me to see, if just a glimpse of, what you see. It is so amazing to see a different angle of things that are most often taken advantage of. Make sure you come check out Josh’s work at the senior show exhibition on April 7th! Thank you for reading and until next time smell some flowers, log off of social media and take a hot yoga class.


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