Student Spotlight : Kaitlyn O’Connor

Meet Kaitlyn!

Name: Kaitlyn O’Connor

Year you’ll be graduating: Class of 2021

Major: Studio Art, Photography

I am majoring in Art because I have been drawn to art since I was young. I’ve always been drawn to images and colors and I would like to surround myself with these things. I also love working with my hands and enjoy the engaging and interactive aspects of art.

The kinds of things that inspire me are the works of other artists. My art history classes at Marywood were some of my favorites. I really enjoy looking at and analyzing art works from the past. I appreciated being able to go to the Met with Marywood. As much as I love seeing historical pieces of art, I also like seeing the work of my classmates and peers, as well the work of artists working in the world today. I love seeing different styles and the different approaches artists take in their work.

My favorite classes so far were my photography classes in the dark room. The experience I had of working with film is very valuable to me. I learned a great deal from it; it really helped me better understand the processes of photography and truly made me a better photographer. It is a very unique experience that I am very grateful for.

When I’m not in class I like to spend time in the great outdoors. I find myself more calm and at peace when I am outside. I like to keep myself moving, and I find that I can think more clearly when I am physically doing something.

The coolest thing I’ve done so far was studying in Florence at SACI for a semester. My favorite class was my Sculpture class. I was able to carve a piece of marble. This was an experience like no other for me; I had never taken a sculpture class before, and I feel it was a great privilege to be able to work in marble in Italy.

When I graduate I would like to start pushing myself further and further and force myself out of my comfort zone. This is something I have always struggled with and always avoided, but I feel it is something I must do to become a better artist.

I’d recommend the Art program at Marywood because I have had great opportunities as a result of studying in Marywood’s art program. I highly recommend the photography department as well, specifically the classes in the darkroom.

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