Student Spotlight: Kathryn Dawe

Name: Kathryn Dawe (Katie Dawe)KatieSeniorPortraitSession-47

Major: Painting

Minor: Undecided


Graduation Year: 2022

Why I am majoring in art: I am majoring in art because it has always been a dream of mine to build my artistic skills to a higher level. I have been into art my whole life and since I have always been a quiet person it has been a way for me to open up and communicate with the world. I want to expand on that by learning more about it.

What inspires me: I am inspired by anything with bright colors, usually things in nature. I also love using bold patterns and focusing on portraits.

What class has been your Favorite: My favorite class this semester is art history.

What’s the coolest thing I have done at Marywood: I have been here for two months so I haven’t done all that much, but I enjoy art history club.

What will I do when I graduate: Unknown. Hopefully, sell paintings but I’m still not sure what else

Would I recommend the art program: Yes, I have only had a few art classes, but I like it so far.

3 thoughts on “Student Spotlight: Kathryn Dawe

  1. Your work is beautiful. Careers in art can be difficult… stick to your guns … it will be so rewarding. Being able to share your gift and make people smile is the most rewarding feeling. Lynn Post

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