Student Spotlight: Marissa Grasso


Marissa Grasso is a Sophomore Art Therapy student here at Marywood University! I decided to interview Marissa because she is a good friend of mine and I love her style! Let’s get to know her now!

Name: Marissa Grasso

Year of Graduation: Class of 2024

Major: Art Therapy

Minor(s): N/A

I am majoring in Art because… thinking of art as a part of my career and life is very important to me. I knew I wanted to be able to do something creative and be able to use expression in my everyday life, more importantly to help others. Art is something that continues to make me happy and I feel that is more than enough of a reason to pursue it. 

The kinds of things that inspire me are… definitely writing or music. I love to read poetry as well as listen to music and I think they both have a direct connection to art expression. Different types of writing inspire me to create and have a way of communicating certain feelings without directly saying it. Along with this, I believe the people in my life inspire me, whether that be family or friends. Creating from the interactions of people we go through every day continues to have an effect on what I create and those feelings attached to it.

My favorite art class so far was… probably my Painting I class. It was my first painting class I had taken, which was very exciting to begin with. I learned so much about the foundations of oil painting that has now made me feel confident in using this media in the future. I really enjoy the fluidity of oil paint and how forgiving it is. 

When I am not in class… I spend my time listening to music, reading, sketching, and hanging out with friends. My favorite genre of music is probably rock, punk, or alternative. I can get a lot done as long as I have some music to listen to.  

The coolest thing I have done at Marywood so far was… go to the Foundation Year Art show. I had an art piece in the show from my freshman year and to see that among other great art students was very exciting. Our art community at Marywood is very welcoming and truly great. 

When I graduate… I plan on working as an art therapist in either a rehabilitation center, private practice, or possibly in a hospital to do medical art therapy. Overall as long as I am helping someone and making their life a little bit easier, my goal will be fulfilled. I cannot wait to be able to use art in a healing way because I know how rewarding that will be for both the client and myself. 

I would recommend the Art program at Marywood because… this program is very involved and such a nice tight knit community. I feel like we have great support from everyone in our programs, including our professors, because of the size of our school. 

“Our art community at Marywood is very welcoming and truly great.” 

What excites me most about Art is… how art can say so much from something the audience is looking at. I love how art can evoke a lot of emotion and really connect with people. Art makes people feel something and the fact that you have a choice and freedom to express something with a blank slate is truly exciting. 

What is your favorite art museum that you have visited and why? Probably the Philadelphia Museum of Art has been my favorite. I love their exhibits and how big the museum is- you can spend your whole day there. I also grew up in Philadelphia so this museum will always be my favorite. 

Thank you guys for reading! I loved interviewing Marissa and I hope you liked getting to know Marissa! Stay tuned for our next student spotlight blog coming out in two weeks! Till next time!


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