Student Spotlight: Rebecca Walters

Name: Rebecca WaltersIMG_4430

Major: Photography

Graduation year: 2021

Why are you majoring in art? Majoring in art/photography because I’ve had a camera in my hands since I was 6 years old and fell in love. It started with a disposable film camera which led to an amazing DSLR 13 years later. Each year with any type of camera, whether it be film or digital, I try to perfect specific aspects used for that camera. I love how Any other form of art like drawing, painting, etc. can relate back to photography and can be used to compose a picture. Finally, it’s like a whole other language which I want to become fluent in. looking at or being emerged in a picture has no language barrier.

What inspires you?  What inspires me is actually my dad. Most parents wouldn’t normally accept or support a career in art but he did. After touring around different colleges every professor we met with explained that art doesn’t lead to a dead end which supported his belief in me even more. Without that support, I don’t know if I would still be an art major. Following other photographers and seeing how far they’ve come and what they are able to accomplish is also a huge inspiration.

What has been your favorite class so far? My favorite class has been my first basic photography class. I used what I learned from my high school class such as the darkroom skills, the rule of thirds, the golden hour, and so on. Basic photography reviewed techniques that I’ve already learned and many that I’ve never heard of before. Each day I was told something new to better perfect my skill.

What will you do when you graduate? I want to get a photography based job no matter what it is. I am more than willing to try new things. I would definitely recommend the art program because, besides photography, many art classes are wonderful. I’ve heard from friends that their teachers are perfect for them or the class is exactly what they need for a future job or to better their skill. 

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