Student Spotlight: Victoria Marples

This week I interviewed Victoria Marples, an arts admin major.

Meet Victoria:IMG_4798 (1)

Name: Victoria Marples, Class of Fall 2016
Arts Administration, concentration in Architecture

I am majoring in Art Administration because I have a passion for Art. Not only do I love learning about the artwork and the artist, but I also enjoy doing my art on the side whether it’s photography, drawing, or painting.

The kinds of things that inspire me vary from day to day. I’m inspired by nature and stories of artists who are passionate about their work.

My favorite class so far was my advanced Excel class with Terry O’Brien. He’s a strict professor with a big heart. We had a lot of work in his class but, I came out learning so much. No, Excel is not an art class but Arts Administration deals both with Art and Business. Coming out of that class, while I worked at an Architecture firm in Jersey, I was able to apply those skills I learned to help win a lawsuit against our company. If I could offer any advice to future Arts Administration Majors and/or Art Majors in general, I’d highly recommend taking that Excel class and an Accounting class. It’ll help you learn to easily keep track of the expenses you’ll make in the future.

When I’m not in class I like to procrastinate on everything not related to classwork. I love to play chess and watch anime. I’ve also recently gotten into Dungeons and Dragons. I’m a huge nerd.

The coolest thing I’ve done so far was work at the Art Galleries right here on campus. By working one on one with Bob Schweitzer in the Maslow Gallery, not only have I learned to install the artwork, but I have also learned some neat art history on artists of the ’50s and ’60s. I was able to handle expensive artwork and display it in the best way possible. At the end of the year I met Mr. Maslow and his sister in person, and after hearing the stories they shared, it was truly an experience I’ll never forget.

When I graduate I would like to work in a contemporary art gallery, work on installations, and create my own art business on the side.

I’d recommend the Art Program at Marywood because we have a strong faculty. They have passion for their work and I’ve learned so much in each of the art classes I’ve taken here at Marywood.

Some of Victoria’s Work

Thanks to Victoria for sharing her awesome experiences and giving us some insight on a not-so-conventional art major. Great tips on combining business with art too.  What great advice!

Now unfortunately, fellow inter-webbers, this will be my last blog post, but keep your eyes open for all the talent we have here on campus.  It’s been real, much love, and God bless all your endeavors. ~ Maddesen



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