Studio Work

Being back in the school studio is always a refreshing feeling, I think most of us can agree. Going from summer time when most of us college students either get jobs, go on vacations, have internship studies or whatnot, we have less time and resources to continue with our studio work. I certainly envy anyone who has their own ceramic studios at home to continue production any time they want.

But now that the fall semester is moving forward once again, the production of new projects and pieces is rolling along.

The projects that need to get done never seem to end, and there’s always work that needs to get done. One thing that helps is getting these various projects going all at the same time so that you can juggle them around and change focus from one to the next. It helps to take off the monotony of just dragging yourself through one thing until its done and moving onto another.

It is also a good idea to create things that you want to make for yourself, not just focus on school projects or commission work. Making single pieces and things that you enjoy is a great way to stay productive and enjoy yourself at the same time. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new style or start something fresh that you stick with in the future.

Overall, keeping yourself moving around with diferent projects and sticking to what you enjoy is always a positive when it comes to studio work. Try not to get held down by ideas of stoic production pottery and thinking about “just getting it done” – enjoy the process and learn new things.

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