Artist’s block. I’m sure you all know very well what that feels like. And just how stressful it is. It can waste hours of your time. Staring at a blank page (or computer, in my case) just completely failing at the things you’re best at.

Unfortunately, I have no quick fix for you. There is no top secret artist block cure that can help you through those times. How much easier would life be if there were, right? I can, however, offer you some sage advice.

Step away. This one is a classic and I’ve definitely mentioned it in a past post. But it really is the best thing you can do. Go to the gym. If that’s not your thing, watch some TV. If neither of those is not your cup of tea, go sit in a closet or do whatever it is you enjoy! Just keep your mind off your work for a little bit.

Browse the Internet. There’s nothing wrong with looking for inspiration off your favorite artist. For instance, I love Disney. If I ever feel in a rut, I watch a movie or listen to the music. Even though fan art is all that comes out of this, at least I’m creating something and getting out of my mind.

Learn new techniques. Maybe you’re stuck because you’ve just been creating the same style things for as long as you can remember. Try something new! Watch a YouTube tutorial, ask a friend or a teacher for tips. The more you know, right?

Sleep it off. This is my ultimate favorite. Naps cure everything. Now don’t do this if you’re in a rush the night before a project is due. Sleep will definitely not help you there. But naps will clear your mind and your eyes as well to give you a fresh start.

So what about you? What helps you through your artist’s block?

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