Summer Feels

Ahh! Another semester is yet again coming to a wrap. This semester was one of the first where my credit limit was not at a max, however the classes I had required much effort and all of my attention. It was quite an intense and stressful semester and I am glad it is coming to an end. I feel as if I can finally breathe a bit! I always look forward to my summers even though work takes over. Luckily for me both my jobs are not so bad because I am surrounded by fabulous people I adore who make the working day better!

When I am not at work, of course I will be making art as much as possible! Usually by this time of the year, I have quite a few projects in mind. I am always keeping track of my ideas especially since I cannot always find the time during my school semesters. I already started a few in between all I have to do for finals because a nice break is always needed! However, I cannot wait to put all of my attention on what I have been working on outside of my classes for the summer!

I also cannot wait for my summer travels. My travels are what inspire me most. I learn a great deal and appreciate them greatly! I know I will be traveling to Long Island here and there but that is about it as of now. Of course anything can happen and I shall see where my travels take me this summer!

Much luck to all who will be taking their finals within the upcoming days! You can do it!

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