Summer Internship

This week I’ll be talking about the awesome graphic design internship I have for summer 2018!

So, this summer I was very inspired and motivated and desperately wanted a summer art internship! I didn’t even care if it wasn’t paid, I just wanted to learn more about the art world and gain experience that could help me after college. I’m an Illustration major, so there were very limited internships in Northeastern Pennsylvania with that need. So since I am going to declare a graphic design minor, I applied to 4 local graphic design internships, and only heard back from 2. I had interviews for both, but Blackout Design in Dunmore, PA was the one I chose!

I was just blown away by how beautiful the office was, and I was impressed with the many advertising awards I saw displayed when I first walked in. In my time there so far, I’ve mostly been doing advertisements for web and print (which is fun!) and I’ve also had the chance to design a logo and business card for a new company! I learn something new everyday, and I enjoy going in every morning. I’ve also noticed since I started the internship, that I’ve been in a much more creative mindset. I would go home after just doing art related stuff all day, and want to keep doing more art! I love that feeling and hope it will stick with my after this internship and throughout the fall semester! I feel much more confident with Adobe InDesign now, when before I was intimidated by it. I also just feel much more comfortable with my usual programs, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and I didn’t think that would be possible! On top of all of the awesome work I can add to my portfolio and the new experience I’ve gained, this internship is also paid! Although it’s great to get paid for my time and work, the information I’m learning is more valuable to me!

This 8 week internship has now turned into a 12 week internship (yay!!) and I’m so grateful for all of the information I’ve learned about graphic design and the huge world of advertising! Check out Blackout’s website to look at past work and learn more about what we do!

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