Summer Plans

This past week I had orientation at Allentown Art Museum. I was so nervous going in but after meeting with everyone my nerves went away.

There was about ten of us varying in departments. I was the only one in the program development department, but I would be working with some of them throughout the summer. The museum had the best way of having us getting familiar with its art and galleries by having us do scavenger hunt in groups. It was really fun and had us engage with each other and the art.

For my internship this summer, I am going to be researching what’s going on in the community and how I can develop a fun, stress free, free program for kids, families, or adults. I’m very excited to start this week and to work with everyone around me!

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  1. This sounds so exciting! Keep us updated on your work, I’m doing an internship at a museum and it’s always nice to hear about other people’s experiences.

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