Surprising Your Audience

There is so much art out there in the world it almost feels impossible to come up with something completely original. Although the art you are creating is your own, the creative ideas are derived from art you have been exposed to. It is important to be aware of art from the past and present so you can learn what you are attracted or interested in. This gives you an idea of what you want from your own art. Once you have discovered something you are passionate about and want to explore it further think about how you can make it surprising. How can you create something that shocks your audience.

Currently this is what I am struggling with…how to make exciting work that people will react to. It’s hard to make a painting that will be surprising enough to hold a person’s attention for a few minutes. I don’t need or expect everyone to be attracted to my paintings but I want them to be interested enough to keep looking at them. It’s hard because you have no idea how much or how little your audience knows about art but you want them all to be curious about your art.

I believe it is possible to stand out in this art world. You just have to keep finding new ways of surprising yourself and your audience.

This is a new painting I started while I was thinking about all of this..



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