Sweet yet Sour

Hi everybody! Things are finally started to slow down in class so I can focus on quality first and foremost. This semester has been a good lesson for me to learn about time management and how to still deliver a quality piece to a client while under time restraints. This latest project is perhaps the best way to show this.

So for our Intro to Graphic Design Class, we are working on yet another infographic. This time on a recipe! This is specifically about mobile compatibility, something extremely important as internet usage is being taken over by cellular devices.

This is also import in understanding our demographic, middle class people who may dabble in cooking every once in a while, which is somewhat relatable on my part, so I also expanded it by focusing on deserts and a female audience primarily. I chose to do my infographic on a recipe for lemon squares.

Aiming for simplicity, organic shapes and traditional Americana to target my audience. Bon apetit!

2 things I’ve been exploring have really improved the quality of my work recently, the Effects Gallery and Brush tools, both I learned are crucial to show texture and make a piece more immersive and engaging. Something as simple as the sponge effect in Illustrator can really make a simple illustration of the bars more appetizing and realistic without either spending the time to illustrate them or finding a good photo in the public domain.

Converting to mobile isn’t quite finished yet so apologizes for any loss in quality

Converting to mobile was rather easy but that is mostly due to the simplicity of the style and more importantly the planning I set before I even started the printed version. Mobile compatibility is something I feel is going to be next in my list of things to improve on now that my knowledge of Illustrator has been improving, but hopefully this project will see itself on my portfolio.

Hope you all enjoyed!

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