Tableau Vivant

Recently my Art History II class was given the assignment to do a tableau vivant which is recreating an art work. I chose to do Bernini’s Apollo and Daphne because I love the beautiful detail in the sculpture. I used what I had to recreate the sculpture the best I could by using purple bed sheets and Halloween roses as the tree branches. I loved doing this project because I had to get creative with what I had available in my dorm room. I could not stop laughing when the picture was being taken so my facial expression didn’t match Daphne’s.

The two art history teachers both had their classes do the project so we go to see what everyone did. Some were not recognizable at first but when compared to the original art works they looked pretty close. I think everyone in the two classes loved doing this project because it was different than writing a paper or some other kind of paper homework. Hopefully at some point I will be able to do another tableau vivant.


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