This week I got matching tattoos with one of my best friends, Allayna, and my mom since she loved the design so much. I drew this cute little bee with flower buds a couple of months ago and I even mentioned it in a past blog post. We were finally able to go get them done since my friend came down from Philly. This is actually my second tattoo that involves a bee. They both mean a lot to me and are in honor of my sister, Ashlee, who passed away a couple of years ago. She was more into bee keeping then I was at the time and I like to think she is a bee now. I have been friends with Allayna since middle school and I always considered her a part of my family and she loved my sister like she was her own.

Left: Mine – Middle: Allaynas – Right: Moms

Overall, I am so in love with my tattoo. The tattoo artist did some small shading within the legs and the lines and it made it so much better. I was really surprised that it only took the artist nine minutes each for him to tattoo the design on our left ankles.

This week was also move in weekend! I like in the Woodlands this year with 3 other girls, one being my best friend. The most exciting thing about this apartment is that we have a kitchen and I am right next to McGowan for my 8:30 am class. Most importantly I was able to decorate! I love decorating especially with all of my decals. I haven’t put much up yet since I was very tired but I really love this part of my wall above of my bed.

wall with photos

I’m really excited for my junior year!

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