Thank You and Goodnight

This week, as I sit in front of my computer, fingers furiously typing away as I do every week…I realize that this post will be the final curtain close on my run with this exceptionally talented, creative, and inspiring team on Where Creativity Works. During my college career, I was approached, chosen in my major, to become an active member in a new project through Marywood’s Art Department. A team of bloggers who’s job was to reflect, advise, inspire, and open up about the college experience, the art experience, the doubts all of us have but are capable of overcoming; the list goes on. I have shared insight on specific personal projects, my experience student teaching, as well as just maintaining a positive and fearless attitude to both help my readers and myself.

When this insane college journey began for me I didn’t necessarily feel like I was part of something. I was a small speck thrown into a huge unfamiliar world and I just had to kind of…find my way, my place. Once I figured out where my correct classrooms were I started getting really absorbed by my art classes, my instructors, and my peers. There are people I have met that I will remember forever, who will continue to inspire me without even knowing it. I finally started to find a place. I still sat quietly in my own little world, at times, but really felt I was coming into the person I was supposed to be. I went to my favorite instructors to help me through my rough patches, I made life long friends, and at one point I was recognized for the student, the artist, and the person I was, the person I worked so hard to show to people. Approached by our fearless leader Sue Jenkins, I was honored and completely beyond excited to begin a new journey as part of a dynamic team. My favorite parts were walking into our blog meetings, looking around the room and seeing so many different personalities. I would go home and read all of their posts feeling like they were my role models, then realizing I was one of them.

We were brought together for a purpose and I think we did a hell of a job. With all of the missed weeks writing, the technical difficulties, people unable to make meetings, Sue bringing us breakfast, we are an amazing team of people that have touched other writers, artists, and students all over the world. We made connections and differences in the lives of people we never would have if it weren’t for this blog. It has meant so much to me in the time I have been a part of it. I am beyond proud to say my words have been read by hundreds of people, and that I have been there since day one; when this was just an idea turned into something incredible. I could go on and on about how much confidence this has given me. I can’t count how many times this blog has helped me get through ruts in my life that sometimes I just couldn’t understand. Marywood, Sue Jenkins, and our unbelievable team have given me a safe environment to be creative, emotional, and crazy (sometimes all at once), and for that I can’t thank them enough.

My goal now is to share this experience with my future students. I want to be able to create a team in the classroom like the team I have been a part of with this blog. There are always connections to be made, kind words to be shared, and creativity to be acted upon. So as I take my final bow as a member of this team I would like to thank those who have followed me throughout this journey and have taken the time to read what I have to say. It’s been a wild ride. So with misty eyes and a full heart I’d like to say once again… thank you for reading. Until next time.

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