That’s A Wrap

Just like that, it’s a wrap! On Saturday April 6th, 2019 we had our art departments Senior Show’s opening reception. We are incredibly proud of our Seniors and the work they have created and showcased. Nothing compares to the feeling when the artist hears their work being complimented by not just their family and friends. There were month’s worth of preparation for the show all for that moment where people go “wow!”. Thank you to everyone who came and supported our seniors! If you did not have a chance to visit the opening reception, the 2019 Senior Show will be displayed until April 16th. Come check out our seniors work in the Mahady, Suraci, Kresge Galleries during gallery hours.

One of the final hurdles before graduation is completed! We are in the home stretch, with the finish line in our sights. The next big hurdle for many of our seniors is figuring out what our next step is. Will we leave home and go on a new adventure somewhere new or rediscover something home? Some of us are applying to grad school while others are interested in jumping straight into the workforce and fighting for a chance to work in our field.

Back in 2017 professor Sue Jenkins had us fill out a paper that laid out our design hopes and dreams. She gave us back the paper last week and it was fascinating to see how different things are even 2 years later. Who knows what our next step is, but all we know is the world is our oyster and our next big adventure as designers is upon us.

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