The AFA Gallery

Hello everyone! This month I was able to visit the AFA (Artists for Art) Gallery in Downtown Scranton. This gallery is a real treat if you ever go down to see First Friday Scranton. The gallery’s mission is: to foster an appreciation of the visual arts, present the visual arts to the Northeastern Pennsylvania region, and to provide support to regional artists. They began in 1988, and have been impacting the artistic sphere of NEPA ever since. Right now the gallery is featuring a show called Three: A Show in 3 dimensions.

A Piece that intrigued me was Lightbox #34 by Paul Plumadore. I Found Paul’s works to possess a slightly unsettling, but captivating quality. I was particularly drawn to Lightbox #34, because of the detail. There is something to look at in each compartment, and no two are alike.

My favorite piece in the gallery has to be the Jenifer Case’s Faustus. This sculpture is captivating in its own way, and It caught my eye from across the room. The not-quite face made of different materials sparked my intrigue, the more I inspected the work the more I found. Like a 3-dimensional collage, this piece has unexpected objects incorporated throughout: ranging from seashells to chinaware.

As always I highly recommend this gallery for anyone who has the time. I was amazed by not only the art itself, but the diversity of the gallery. There were so many different artists who had their work showcased, and each had their own distinct style and feel, from glass to paper, rough to smooth, everything had a place at the AFA gallery.

The AFA gallery Gallery hours are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (12 pm to 6 pm). 

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