The Art of a Concert

I love going to concerts, in fact I have gone to about seven this year alone. But it has been a dream of mine to go to a Coldplay concert. “Why Coldplay?” you may ask. Well first I have always been a huge fan of Coldplay, ever since I had my first generation ipod mini. But also because of how breathtaking their performance is. When you first get to the concert, they give you a special bracelet. When you get into the concert and Coldplay goes on, this bracelet lights up and the whole stadium comes to life.

What was cool about this concert was how quickly it turned into a lightshow at the same time. The whole stadium lit up together and became one huge party, it was awesome. I truly believe that this is a show that everyone should experience at least once in their lives.

Another cool part about these bracelets is that they wouldn’t always light up for every song, and sometimes they would light up in specific sections. During their song “Human Heart” a few sections lit up to create hearts across the stadium, like in the photo shown above.

I wanted to put in one of the many videos I took from the concert. This one I attached really showed the lights and how the whole stadium lights up together and becomes one. Concerts are usually a very positive environment that brings the audience into one being, but this experience was moving, how the lights brought the whole experience together. This experience was once in a lifetime and was very breathtaking, I highly recommend going to Coldplay it is worth it.

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