The Art of Curating

It comes a time in every young Art Administrator’s life to curate their own exhibit. Four years of business, art history, studio classes, and internships prepare us to go out into the world and make our mark. And for me, right now is that time! My semester of contemporary art research from my Independent Study has culminated into an official exhibit which will be showcased at the Senior Art Show, Mar 28, 2015 – Apr 26, 2015.  Initially my research for my Independent Study began with Minimalist artists and evolved into so much more.

My exhibit entitled, Transcending the Simplicity of Form, discusses contemporary works of art with uncluttered picture planes, yet with a deeper meaning within the work. Three artists who are not in the collection, but important to the overarching theme are Agnes Martin, Mark Rothko, and Kazimir Malevich. All three evoke a transcendental experience for the viewer through their work. With The Maslow Collection at my fingertips a few artists I did choose for the exhibit are Robert Cumming, Linda Nisselson, Thornton Willis, and Nancy Haynes.Amanda installing works in The Maslow Gallery

If you are in the Marywood area, I do hope you can come and experience my exhibit. I’m really proud of what I accomplished through months of research and am excited to share my exhibit with fellow lovers of art. I’ll leave you with a question: can making and viewing art be a spiritual experience? I challenge you to look beyond the simplicity of the forms and decide for yourself.

Transcending the Simplicity of Form will be on view from March 28th – April 26, 2015 in The Maslow Study Gallery for Contemporary Art. 

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