The Bayleaf!

Are you a writer or an artist? If so, you may want to consider submitting to The Bayleaf!

The Bayleaf is Marywood’s literary and art journal, they accept work from all undergraduate students. The Bayleaf is published in both the fall and spring semesters. Each student is encouraged to submit a maximum of five art works and/or five pieces of writing. Keep in mind only original works will be accepted. All the guidelines should be followed, so make sure you read the information page fully before submitting. Submissions are due Friday, April 5th.

For the art submissions, if they are submitted electronically, make sure they are in an easy to work with format. There should also be a cover sheet provided with the art works themselves, to find out more about the cover sheet click the link below. You are also allowed to send in physical work, just make sure they are put in a protective case to ensure there won’t be any damage to them.

Similarly, with the writing submissions, you can either submit electronically or send in physical work. If you submit through email, the format should be a Microsoft Word document. The rest of the guidelines for the electronic submissions are on the same website listed below. The physical writing should be printed and mailed in a manila folder. Keep in mind that the writing should be shorter styles such as, poems, short stories or essays.  

Get your work in! Pick your best works to show off, and The Bayleaf is great to add to your resume, if your work is chosen. Entries are free, and the best submissions will receive prizes.

Guidelines for submissions:

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